A 10-year-old boy was hit by a stray bullet at a minor-league stadium

According to the police report, a 10 years old boy was hit by a stray bullet on last Star day at the minor-league baseball stadium but is now recovering at home.

In what was a scene that clearly puzzled the authorities; the boy was hit by a bullet that left a bullet wound as he was taking part in the Harry Potter Night on the field held at the Coca Cola Park located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This is the same field that is home to a minor league baseball team named Class AAA Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

According to the police department of Allentown, the boy who is named Corey Hagan was found having a bullet lodged in his right knee at his back. As for the reports of gunfire in the stadium or in the surroundings, there was no news about it at all.

John Hill, a spokesperson for the police department said in an email that no arrests were made and given the unusual circumstance of the event, the investigation into this incident is going to take some time.

Hill wrote in his statement, “Our investigation does continue but is hampered by the trajectory of the round that struck him. It would appear, preliminarily, as though the bullet was fired from quite some distance away.”

Hill also said that the boy is now up and moving again with doctors saying that he will not suffer any long term damage. As for the boy’s mother named Dana Hagan, she said that she is simply glad that her son is doing well and this is all that matters.

The manager and president of the IronPigs said that it seems that the bullet was fired from somewhere outside the stadium into the air but it was surely fired in a three-mile radius.

He said, “it is unfortunate but there is nothing that the IronPigs could have had done to prevent this type of bizarre and random thing.”

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