A Wild first pitch at the Royals VS White Sox game hits an unsuspecting photographer

Over the years, fans have seen some really bad first pitches at games. Some of those pitches did not even make it to the plate and someone that went sailing all above the plate and some of them simply made the fans laugh hard.

Now there was a pitch from Tuesday night game of baseball between Kansas City Royals VS Chicago White Sox that was played In Chicago. The pitch has actually left the fans confused as to was it the best pitch they have ever seen or the worst.

No one thought the way the pitch went out for the play. Even the photographer who was hit by it thought of it to be so bad.

While the pitch was not good it was still not bad.

The media has confirmed the pitcher to be the Chicago White Sox employee of the month. As for the photographer named Darren Georgia, he said that both his camera and him were safe.

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