Algeria beats Senegal by 1-0 to win the African Cup

For the first time in 3 decades, Algeria has managed to win the African Cup of Nations after they defeat Senegal by 1-0 in the finals. The game was won by Algeria due to a deflected goal during the opening seconds of the game by team’s striker named Baghdad Bounedjah.

Bounedjah made a shot on the first attack from Algeria which deflected off of Senegal’s defender named Salif Sane and managed to go into the net looping over Alfred Gomis, Senegal’s goalkeeper. The match was held at the Cairo International Stadium.

The goal was timed to be made during the 79th second of the game which is the fastest ever goal made in the African Cup final for the last 39 years. With this only goal of the night, Algeria was handed the African Cup title which is their second since their first was back in 1990.

At the final whistle of the game, Algerian players ran towards the stands and jumped over the advertising boards in order to celebrate their massive victory with the fans. Some players even climbed the fence as the excited Algeria fans ran towards them in happiness.

Djamel Belmadi, Algeria coach said, “My people have waited a long time for this. I am very happy despite it being difficult to express. I am tired, it’s true. It is difficult for me to show my happiness but after I rest my happiness will be evident.”

Aliou Cisse, Senegal’s coach said, “This is a different generational and Algeria has won it. They seized their opportunity and they scored.”

Towards the end of the tournament’s final, Algeria was being supported by thousands of fans who made their way to Egypt from all over Africa. These fans’ took up nearly half of the stadium and had to keep in check with rows of security personals wearing yellow vests.

In their celebration of winning the final, the entire squad of Algeria and the coach kneeled down and prayed while facing their supporters. Belmadi who has only taken coaching of Algeria for less than a year ago is now going to reach his home as a national hero.

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