Amir Khan to fight the Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat in a match held at Saudi Arabia on July 12

Amir Khan is set to box it out against the Indian fighter named Neeraj Goyat in a match that will be held in Saudi Arabia on 12th July.

Kahn lost his last fight back in April against the WBO welterweight champion Terrence Crawford by stoppage loss. Khan’s trainer Virgil Hunter had to call the one-sided fight off after Khan suffered a brutal low blow.

His upcoming opponent, Neeraj has a career record of 11 wins with 3 defeats and 2 draws. He has been the professional boxer since 2011 and is also the current reigning WBC Asian champion.

Goyat, in his recent press conference, has been debuted as the national boxing hero who has fought fights in China, South Korea, Thailand, Canada, and Mexico.

Khan, ahead of his fight with Neeraj said, “This is an exciting challenge that I have ahead of me. This is going to be the first time when a British Pakistani boxer will fight against an Indian boxer which is going to bring both nations together. I would like to present my thanks to both the Saudi government as well as the General Sports Academy for giving me this honor. I am a firm believer in the thought that sport is a great healer.”

Goyat lost and drew on his 4 fights early in his career but since then has won 11 of his last 12 fights.

Goyat said, “This is as big of an opportunity as it can get for me. Everything that I have achieved so far is not going to matter when I put my feet inside the ring on July 12th and take on a seasoned superstar of a fight as Amir Khan. I am also going to be going into the ring by placing the hopes of 1.2 billion people on my shoulders who are all expecting from me to bring the title back home.”

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