Anderson Silva loses a fight against Jared Cannonier via TKO after an apparent knee injury at the UFC 237

Anderson Silva was not expecting such a return to Brazil.

Silva, who is the former longtime UFC Middleweight champion, was feeling a bit hesitant during his fight on Saturday night last week at the UFC 237 against Jarred Cannonier.

The round was mostly in favor of Cannonier aka “The Killer Gorilla” until it finished in unfortunate turn of events.

During the closing second of the round, Cannonier who has a career record of 12-4 in MMA and 5-4 in UFC, landed a side kick at Silva’s knee. After the hit landed, it was apparent that Silva, whose career record is 34-10 in MMA and 17-6 in UFC, was in intense pain.

Following the shot, he fell on immediately on the canvas and prompted the referee Herb Dean to intervene the fight at the mark of 4:47 to declare Cannonier as the winner by TKO.

After the fight, Silva admitted to the fact that he had been struggling with his right knee during his training camp. He apologized to the crowd as he was feeling intense pain.

Silva said through an interpreter, “I am sorry guys. In training camp, my knee was already having a bad day and then I took a kick at it. I just could not hold up and I am really sorry for that.”

As for Cannonier, with this win, he has now won 2 consecutive fights while Silva has suffered 2nd defeat in a row.

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