Barcelona routs Inter Milan from Champions League with 2-1 victory

This Tuesday, the Inter Milan was knocked out of the Champions League following their 2-1 loss to Barcelona at a home game.

The game-winning goal for Barcelona was scored by heir teenager player named Ansu Fati only 4 minutes after Romelu Lukaku, the forward of Inter cancelled the attempt from Barcelona’s Carles Pérez, who was playing his first game of Champions League for Barcelona.

Fati, with being only 17 years old, has become the youngest goalscorer in the history of the Champions League.

Ernesto Valverde, the coach of Barcelona said of Fati, “there are 2 young players who have come and played for the team this year. They are both very, very young.  Inter has suffered the veteran defense in the league which is not easy to score against but Carles is also a player who has goals in his blood and as for Ansu, he is a born goalscorer.

He also said, “We are very happy that one of the youngest players to have scored in champions League is our player and especially he is the one who has come to the team through our youth system.”

Barcelona has already won the Group F and now they have finished the group games with 4 points ahead of the 2nd place Dortmund and 7 points above Inter Milan; as they will now move to Europa League.

Antonio Conte, the coach for Inter said, “You can clearly see from the group rankings that we played very hard till the end despite it being one of the most difficult groups of Champions League this year. We are very disappointed to have been forced out of the league because we had the chance to advance.”

The only goal scored by the Inter Milan was from Danilo D’Ambrosio during the 5th minute of 1st half but the game was equalized shortly after following a goal from Lukaku.

Barcelona was then able to gain the 2-1 lead over Inter during the 23rd minute after the defender of Inter Milan named Diego Godin was only able to knock pout Antoine Griezmann who had passed the ball at that point to Perez.

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