Ben Roethlisberger gives one-word annoyed answer on question about Antonio Brown joining Patriots

On Sunday nights season opening game before both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England patriots, ended with a disappointing loss of 3-33 for the Steelers. This was a game that did not seem like a game at all.

All of this happened one day after the Patriots added in the new wide receiver Antonio Brown to their ranks after he was relieved by the Oakland Raiders. Brown was waved off from the team following few weeks of drama at the Bay.

Roethlisberger and Brown were a great combination but the days of AB with the Steelers were short and they came to end in the last NFL season.

Roethlisberger was in a press conference after the Sunday night game and there he was asked about the Antonio Brow and let’s just say, Bug Ben only wanted to answer with one word.

Watch the video of the moment in the interview when Big Ben was asked about Antonio Browns and is joining with the Pats.

You could hear the reporter asking Ben, “Ben, your thoughts on Antonio Brown joining these guys now?” and Ben replies with answer of one word, “Whatever”

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