Blues fan bets $400 on the St. Louis Blues’ win for Stanley Cup final and now 1 series away from wining $100K prize in an unlikely bet at the NHL playoffs

It is safe to say that not many of the St Louis Blues fans considered there team to be going for a trip into the Stanley Cup Finals considering the fact that there team was placed in the last spot back in January.

However, one fan of the blues believed in his team and this fan’s name is Scott Berry.

According to media sources, Berry was traveling to Las Vegas on a business trip when he came to know that the Paris Las Vegas Hotel’s sportsbook had Blues at 250-1 for the long shot bet for winning the Stanley Cup Final.

Berry decided to do some comparison shopping on the betting and went to Bellagio Hotel for checking the odds there. Bellagio was offering 150-1 of the Blues.

Berry told media, “I then ran back to Paris Las Vegas hotel and placed everything that I had initially planned on gambling which was 400 dollars. To be able to win 10000 dollars off of a 400 dollars bet sounded really good to me.”

Blues had last been in the Stanley Cup final 49 years ago and were placed last back in Jan. nobody would have called Berry’s bet a great investment.

Now against all odds, Blues have managed to reach the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in decades and Berry now has a hot ticket.

According to a marketplace named Propswap Berry had been offered 20000 dollars for his hot ticket when the Blues were up against Dallas in the game 7 of the second round series, which Blues ultimately won in the 2nd overtime.

And now, Berry’s offer for this ticket has gone up to a sum of 40000 dollars.

Berry said to media, “Before the season, I knew they had a good squad but still I am not a professional at it. My brother and father thought that I had made a bad bet and that I am an idiot.”

Now Blues are in the Stanley Cup final for the first time since 1970 and they have a 42 percent chance to win over the Boston Bruins.

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