Blues’ Fan collects $100,000 following Blues win over Bruins for Stanley Cup

Scott Berry, the native of Missouri, said that the betting slip of 400 dollars which is now worth 100000 dollars had its own journey if the St. Louis Blues take the Stanley Cup from Boston Bruins.

Berry, before the game 6 of the NHL finals said to media, “This ticket has gone from my sock drawer to my safe and now to a safety deposit box.”

31 years old Berry was in Vegas back in January when Blues were at last place in the NHL season. There he noticed that Blues were listed for odds of 250-1 at the betting stand of Paris Las Vegas Hotel Sportsbook. After seeing the lasting of 150-1 somewhere else in Vegas, Berry placed his gambling money worth of 400 dollars on Blues win for the Stanley Cup.

Berry said, “When I told everyone about the bet, they were like ‘Oh my gosh, on one of the worst teams in the league. You really did that? I was like, ‘you never know, its hockey’”.

The Blues, in the past 52 years have never won the Stanley Cup. Berry said, “It was hard to watch them play the season. I tried to not read too much about them on the internet, especially from twitter rolls. I did not need the professional betters to tell me that I am an idiot.”

Since then, offers for tickets have rolled in for as much as 70000 dollars. During the game 6 of the Conference finals, the offer was almost 41000 dollars but he did not sell it. He said, “I thought no I am going to let it ride as I believe too much in this team. This is why people called me an idiot because I was betting with my heart and not my mind.”

Now the St. Louis Blues have defied all the odds in the last 52 years of the franchise history and have won the Stanley Cup thus making Scott Berry 100000 dollars richer.

He plans to spend this money on doing something nice for his family. Scott also suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and wants to make some charitable contributions as well.

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