Canada tops US by 2-0 to end their winless streak of 34-year and 17-game

The US men’s soccer team is having trouble with each passing game in the first year of their leadership under Coach Gregg Berhalter whose performance is getting to draw serious criticism. This criticism just skyrocketed in the US VS Canada game in which Canada won over the US by 2-0. With this win, Canada has officially ended its 34 years long winless streak.

The two goals of the game from Canada were scored by their players Alphonso Davies and Lucas Cavallini respectively during the 2nd half in the CONCACAF Nations League game.

This has happened after a two year later of US failing to qualify for the world cup of 2018 after the lost against Tobago and Trinidad. With this, the winning streak of the US against their northern neighbor has come to a tragic end. They have not allowed team Canada to score a goal in the last 4 matches since 2007.

Berhalter said, “The first that stands out for me in this loss is the desire of Canada to win. Give them the credit for that. Having said this we needed to match their relentless approach like they had in this match. We also need to compete in every match like them and that is what is important right now. I do not think that it was not the lack of effort on our part nor it was purposeful. Still, I am not happy with the desire we displayed in this match.”

US has already lost in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final back in July against Mexico which was the first competitive game for the team US under the coaching of Berhalter when he was asked to rebuild the whole program. Now only 11 months remain before the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup are going to start.

Up next, Canada and the US are once more going to play against each other in Orlando, Florida on 15th November. 4 days later, the US is going to play against Cuba in a match held at George Town, Cayman Islands.

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