Curry brothers share a special moment after Warriors won the West’s Finals

Older brothers tend to get the best of their younger brothers even in the NBA. This proved to be a reality in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals when Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to win the series by a clean sweep against his little brother Seth Curry and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Golden State Warriors, who were trailing by 17 points in the Game 4 of the series, managed to overcome their opponent to win by 119-117 in the OT and are now moving to their fight straight NBA Finals.

Stephen Curry was the leader of his tem with his 37 points and recording himself a triple-double as he sent his little brother back home for the summer.

As for Curry Brothers’ parents, this series was a stressful one as they had to watch this matchup 4 times but now it is finally over.

As for the two brothers, they shared a special moment between them after the final whistle was blown. They both exchanged jerseys with each other and hugged each other.

Watch the video down below.

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