Dale Earnhardt Jr., the former NASCAR driver transported to the local hospital after his private plane crashed

On Thursday the private plane of the former NASCAR driver named Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashed at the Tennessee airport. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was transported to the local area hospital following his crash as per the news from the Sheriff Department of the Carter County.

Thomas Gray, the spokesman of the Sheriff’s Department said, “Based on the initial reports, everyone on the plane made it out alive.”

The plane which crashed was a Cessna Citation which ad onboard Earnhardt, his wife, his infant of a daughter and the two pilots. The crash occurred at around 3:30 pm as per the news posted by Kelly Earnhardt Miller; sister of Earnhardt.

The FAA said in their statement that the plane caught fire after its landing and rolled off the runway of the Elizabethton Municipal Airport.

FAA has already sent 2 investigators on to the scene for the runway excursion.

Kelly Earnhardt also wrote that all the passengers of the plane including Earnhardt, his wife Amy, his 1-year-old daughter Isla and the 2 pilots are all safe and have been taken to the local hospital for their further medical evaluation.

The place where this crash occurred is nearly 15 miles to the south of the Bristol Motors Speedway which is the site for this week’s race of NASCAR. Since retiring from the NASCAR, Earnhardt has been working as the NASCAR’ broadcast crew with NBC Sports since 2017.

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