Erik Karlsson: Sharks star faces suspension for a hit on Austin Wagner

On the last Sunday game of ice hockey between San Jose Sharks VS Los Angeles Kings, the defenseman of Sharks Erik Karlsson made an illegal hit to the head of the Kings forward Austin Wagner. Due to this illegal hit on the head, Karlsson now suffers the two-game suspension from NHL.

This incident occurred in the early second period of the game’s overtime win of Kings over the Sharks. Wagner after taking a hard hit on the center of the ice had to leave the game. After getting hit, Wagner’s legs came under him and no penalty was called by the officials.

Karlsson talking about this hit said, “I am not going to lie, I am pretty surprised by this. I think it was a very clean hit and I hope he is OK. It’s really unfortunate that Wagner could not finish the game. I do not want to say anymore as fear of risking anything because I have no say in this matter. However, at the end of the ay, I hope that he s fine. You never want to see anyone get hurt and I wish him all the best. As for my conscience, it is clear. I think I did everything according to the rule book but unfortunately, some people do not agree with me”.

Karlsson in his last eight games had two goals and 24 assists playing this season for the San Jose Sharks.

Sharks coach Pete DeBoer said, “Disappointed. From everything I hear and according to the report I got, the injury was to the shoulder. I think that speak for myself but I might be oversimplifying things. I am not going to say any more on this because you might get yourself in trouble”.

Karlsson joined the Sharks during the offseason trade from Ottawa. He missed his game with the team against Arizona and the Ducks. He starred in the last Saturday night game in Edmonton.

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