Fire at Brazilian soccer team complex; 10 dead and three hurt

A devastating fire broke through the training complex of one of Brazil’s biggest soccer clubs on Friday. The fire resulted in the death of 10 people while three teenagers were left injured in Rio de Janeiro.


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Brazilian firefighters were called at the scene of the incident at 5 am on Friday morning to fight the blazing fire. The fire broke out at the Ninho de Urubu training ground of the Flamengo soccer club which is located in the western region of the city.


As for the cause of this fire, there is still no word about it.

The ages and names of the boys that died were not revealed by the teenagers who got hurt were 14, 15 and 16 years old respectively. The injured teenagers were moved for immediate treatment at the local hospital and their conditions at the moment remain unknown.  The news has been confirmed by an official who requested for his name not be used as per his agency’ policy.


According to a local media report, the fire started in the dorm where the youth sleeps. Aerial images of a coal News channel reveal the smoke to be merging from the charred area.

Aerial images

Like many other professional clubs in Brazil, the Flamengo club also has a program for the development of the promising young players in their early teens. Many of these players stay at these training facilities.

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