German MMA Championship; Chaos erupts inside cage after ref misses towel throw

For those of you who thought that UFC229 McGregor VS Nurmagomedov fight was a wild scene, take a look at this German MMA Championship fight that took place last weekend.

McGregor VS Nurmagomedov

During a German MMA Championship event held in Hamburg, Germany, suddenly chaos erupted inside the cage after the referee failed to notice the towel which was thrown by a fighter’s corner.

With 2 minutes into the fourth round of the featherweight title fight between Omer Salmaz VS Felix Schiffarth, Salmaz gained control over his opponent and unleashed his brutal pounding. Schiffer’s corner who had seen enough threw the towel in the cage but the referee was in a position that he did not see it and allowed the fight to continue.


Seeing that, Schiffer’s team members too matter into their own hands and jumped the fence to stop the fight. A man wearing red shoes pushed referee over the fighters to stop the fight while another one charges from across the cage to stop the fight.

From thereon, the scene turned crazy as dozens of men filled the inside of the cage which initially looked to be an all-out brawl but later turned out to be a mosh pit-like celebration for Salman’s win.


Watch the video down below.


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