Greg Hardy wins against Juan Adams by TKO in the first minute of their UFC fight

Juan Adams wanted to have a chance to fight with Greg hardy and he finally got it but it did not end well for him.

Greg hardy

Hardy, the former NFL All-Pro player was called out by Adams as he also did not miss to call him as a convicted domestic abuser, the charges of which were dismissed against him.

Greg hardy challenge

This led to the much heat to be garnered up between these two fighters and once they stepped inside the cage all hell break lose for Adams as things went the same way for hardy s they have done in the past for his every mixed martial arts fight.

Greg hardy  fight with Juan Adams

Hardy, whose career record is 5-1 MMA and 2-1 UFC were able to make short work of his opponent Adams whose career record is 5-2 MMA and 1-2 UFC in their fight held on Saturday night in San Antonio. Hardy only needed 45 seconds to end the fight in his TKO win. With this TKO victory, hardy now has the 1st-round KO wins fo0r his 5 professional fights and therefore his amateur fights.

Greg hardy attacks on Juan Adams

Greg hardy Continuous attacks on Juan Adams

Hardy took control of the fight early on with his jab while Adams replied with a single-leg takedown that ended only with Adams being on his hands and knees. After that hardy got on top of Adams and rained down on his head with powerful punches until referee Dan Miralliotta intervened to call off the fight.

Hardy took control of the fight early on with his jab

Despite Adams protested in a dazed state, the referee called the fight off saying that the stoppage was a good one.

Despite Adams protested in a dazed state

Hardy aid, “Everybody wants to try to get me on to the ground. For one, do not call my name, it has consequences, for two, taking me down also comes with consequences.”

Greg hardy Wins

Hardy, since his first professional debt disqualification at the official UFC, has now two fights in a row. As for Adams, he has lost two fights in a row.

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