Jessica Andrade wins strawweight title with vicious slam of Rose Namajunas during the UFC 237 fight

After losing the first round of the fight at the UFC 237 main event fight against Rose Namajunas, Jessica Andrade was aware that she needed to mix things up a little bit.

Rose Namajunas, the defending champion of the UFC strawweight title, controlled the fight for the first 5 minutes as she used her speed and range to thwart her Brazilian opponent. However, Andrade then decided to make a comeback in the second round of the fight as she ended the fight with one of her most amazing performances yet.

Namajunas, whose career record is 8-4 in MMA and 6-3 in UFC, was slammed by Andrade who career record is 20-6 in MMA and 11-4 in UFC.

The slam resulted in a knockout win for Andrade at the mark of 2:34.

Andrade in her postfight interview said, “I was very certain as to what I had to do in the second round. I have never performed this move before in UFC.”

Andrade had earlier attempted a slam move in the first round which was negated by Namajunas but the second one whose could not avoid. Namajunas was lucky that she did not suffer a broken neck.

With this loss, Namajunas’s three match win streak comes to an end and she also suffered her career’ 2nd knockout loss.

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