Juventus loses by 2-1 against Napoli in Serie A match

In the match of Serie A held between the league leader Juventus and Napoli, Napoli won over by 2-1 even as the former coach of Juventus Maurizio Sarri came.

Piotr Zieliński and Lorenzo Insigne of Napoli both scored goals respectively during the 2nd half to cause the 2nd defeat of Serie A to Juventus. As for Napoli, with this win, they have ended their 3-game losing streak in Serie A. However, lead of Juventus in Serie A is only cut down by 3 points as the match of Inter Milan and Cagliari ended with a 1-1 draw earlier on the day.

As for the 3rd placed Lazio, they are still 5 points behind the league leader but have a match in hand after they also drew 1-1 against Roma in the Rome Derby.

For Sarri, this was his first match in Napoli since he left back in 2018after he had spent 3 seasons with the southern-based club which greeted him with loud jeers.

Sarri was then asked by media if it had hurt him to lose here in Napoli.  He said, “Honestly telling, no.  I am happy for the lads. I will always have a strong affection for them and if you really have to lose then at least they are happy. But of course, I would be really happy if they could resolve their problem next week. I owe this team a lot. One always tries to extract themselves from everyone and everything. But for me, Napoli holds a special place in my heart for my career.”

Juventus had clear opportunities for scoring goals in the 1st half but it was the first time in this Serie A season that they could not score in the 1st half.

Ronaldo, who has scored 13 goals in the last 10 matches managed to score one in the 53rd minute which got a rule for offside.

The game-winning goal for Napoli was scored during the 63rd minute. Ronaldo scored the consolation goal for having his 8th consecutive Serie A game goal but it was made with only 1 minute to the game.

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