Kash Ali receives a six-month ban along with £10,000 fine for biting David Price during their boxing match

Kash Ali following his heavyweight fight back in March with David Price and biting him desperately in a fit of rage has been given a 6-month ban.

The ban is not the only thing he received, as he has also been fined for 10000 pounds for biting his opponent which also led to his disqualification from the fight and the suspension of his boxing license.

Adam Etches, Kash Ali’s trainer said, “He has gotten off lightly but he is not a bad guy. He just lost his head. He now needs to serve his time and he will be right back in and back to winning the fights. The fight ended really badly but he has given himself a good account of himself apart from his daftness of biting. Other than that, he was doing great in the fight. As long as he learns from his mistakes, he is going to be fine.”


Kash Ali, following the incident also issued a public apology where he said, “I am very embarrassed for my actions and for the way, this whole fight unfolded. The heat of the moment got the better of me and those who know me, which includes David, can all testify for my behavior. They can vouch that my behavior on the Saturday night fight is not the reflection of who I really am”.

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