Kawhi Leonard lead Los Angeles Clippers 107-104 win over the Portland Trail Blazers

Los Angeles Clippers were the king during the 4th quarter of the game against Portland Trail Blazers as the star of Blazers Damien Lillard lost his crown for at least 1 night.

Lou Williams of Los Angeles Clippers had a go-ahead jumper shot with 58 seconds to the clock and then scored a 3-pointer shot to finish the night with 26 points as Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Blazers by 107-101.  This win marks the 900th match win for coach Doc Rivers in his coaching career.

Kawhi Leonard said of Doc Rivers, “Doc never stops grinding and going on.  He never gets bored.”

As for the Trail Blazers, they were led by CJ McCollum and Lillard both of whom scored 22 points each for the team. However, in a surprising 4th quarter, both of them would not even score a single point. For Lillard, this is usually a shocking thing as Clippers’ defense was not all that great during the quarter.

Lillard said of the loss and his 4th quarter performance, “usually I am able to make these kind of shots down the stretch but tonight they were simply not falling. They were coming out of all sides to guard me. Pat Beverley was really good on that defense.”

Lillard missed 4 of his shots as he stood 0 for 3 on the 3-pointer shots whereas McCollum also missed 4 of his shots.

Rivers said, “This is the 3rd game that we have now won and my opinion is that we won it because of our defense. As for the offense, it was only below average. If you can win a game without having a strong offense, then you can tell a lot about a team.”

As for Los Angeles Clippers’ main acquisition, the NBA MVP Kawhi Leonard, he scored 27 points along with 13 rebounds.

Up next, Portland Trail Blazers will host a game against the Brooklyn Nets for their 2nd back-to-back season games.  As for the Los Angeles Clippers, they will take on the Toronto Raptors on Monday night. This will be the first game for Leonard as he plays against his former team.

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