Lawrence Okolie gets stoppage win in the 7th round against Yves Ngabu

In the fight for the title of European cruiserweight between Lawrence Okolie and Yves Ngabu, it was Lawrence Okolie who got the 7th round stoppage victory.

The 26 years old Lawrence Okolie, who is still unbeaten was able to continue his rise for the world title bout following his win against the previously unbeaten Yves Ngabu. Lawrence Okolie was able to defeat his opponent with a flurry of heavy punches during the 7th round.

In the opening round, Lawrence Okolie was able to quickly find his range behind his stabbing jabs and then newt a clubbing right punch through his opponent’s guard.

Ngabu decided to plow forward which was an unwise decision on fighter’s part as he got stunned in the 2nd round following a  succession of the hook shots by Lawrence Okolie. The third round then saw Lawrence Okolie unleashing a series of punches to Ngabu’s body and head.

Ngabu’s trainer named Dominic Ingle issued loud instruction during the 4th round as Lawrence Okolie was still landing his right punches with regular intervals.  However, the fighter from Sheffield showed a little urgency in the 5th round as he hammered in a few hook shorts.

Ngabu tried his best to drag Lawrence Okolie for a fight at close quarters during the 6th but this tactic was the one that led to his fall in the coming 7th round.

Lawrence Okolie took his time in the ring as he landed the left hook followed by a powerful right hand. These 2 shots sent massive shockwaves to his opponent’s legs and the referee was forced to intervene to have the fight called off in Lawrence Okolie’s favor.

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