Lewis Hamilton crowned officially as the 2019 F1 champion at the FIA Awards gala

Lewis Hamilton, the famed F1 driver crowned officially as the six-time world F1 champion after he was awarded the 2019 Drivers’ Championship trophy at the event of FIA’s annual awards gala.

Lewis Hamilton, with this 6th trophy, has become the only other driver in the history of F1 to have won 6 of these titles and is now only 1 title away from the all-time record set by Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton, who has already broken his own F1 point’s record by having 413 points along with matching his 11 wins, said, “This is definitely one of the best days of my life.”

The teammate of Hamilton from Mercedes; Valtteri Bottas along with the Max Verstappen of Red Bull also participated at this end of the season ceremony held in the city of Pairs. Both these drivers collected their 2nd and 3rd place trophies for their standings respectively.

These prizes came for Hamilton and his Mercedes team only a week after his amazing performance of winning the Abu Dhabi GP.

Since Lewis Hamilton joined the Mercedes back in 2013, he has only missed titles in two years; one was for his first year and the second year was 2016 when he was triumphed over by Nico Rosberg.

As for Mercedes, they have made the history of winning the 6 consecutive F1 championship titles.

Other than Hamilton there were others there to receive their awards like the Action of the Year award passed on by Maxx Verstappen to Charles Leclerc whereas the Rookie of the Year award was won by Alex Albon for having a superb first season with Red Bull.

Hamilton said for the upcoming season, “I am just looking forward to the next season and especially the winter.  It is going to be a close competition next year. With Red Bull having Max; they are going to be great. On the other hand, Ferrari has picked up their speed and their performance for the second half of the season was amazing. I am hoping that the audience will be seeing the closest season of the F1 yet next year.  I will prepare to be the best and hope that the next season is the best one.”

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