Lillard has 61 as Portland Trail Blazers won over Warriors by 129-124 in OT

After Damien Lillard made the franchise record for 61 points in the Portland Trail Blazers VS Golden State Warrior game, he knew exactly who held the record previously. It was him.

Lillard was able to top his own franchise-high record as he led the Portland Trail Blazers to 129-124 victory during OT over the Golden State Warriors. He also managed to have a team-high of 11 3-pointer in this game.

Lillard said, “I think if there is somebody who can beat my record, then I guess it is going to be only me.”

The star guard for Portland Trail Blazers had his franchise high of 60 points earlier in this season when they played against the Brooklyn Nets and at that time, he broke the previous franchise record. His 61 points in the game were the most points scored by ay player in this season.

Lillard has now become the first player in the history of NBA to have a 60+ points game with 10+ 3 pointers and he is also the 6th ever player to have made this milestone.

He also managed 10 rebounds which gave him his season’s 10th double-double and he also was able to make all of his 16 free throws. Hassan Whiteside also helped the Portland Trail Blazers with his 17 points along with 21 rebounds as the team ended their 2-game losing skid.

Lillard said, “I am really excited about it and I am really happy about it. But I still wish that this win could be counted as 1 win for three wins.”

The game was a severe blow to the jubilation of the Warriors who had been coming off a 109-105 win over the Magic that ended their 10-game losing skid as well as their 5-game losing run at home.

Up next, Golden State Warriors will host a game against the Utah jazz while Portland Trail Blazers will host a game against the Dallas Mavericks.

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