Los Angeles Rams 24-10 Cincinnati Bengals; Cooper Kupp shines at the Wembley Stadium

The NFL game on Sunday between Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams ended with a 24-10 win for the Rams. From Los Angeles Rams side Copper Kupp was the shining star as he scored 220 receiving yards.

65-yard TD from Kupp on the double reverse play had the game tied at t10-10 whish game the Los Angeles Rams a lead that they did not want to let go later in the game and were finally able to give Bengals a shutout loss in London.

Kupp, the wideout of the Los Angeles Rams had already racked up 165 yards on his last 5 catches near the half time but then the Los Angeles Rams pulled away in the 2nd half. As for David Goff, the QB of Los Angeles Rams he made 2 TDs along with is 375 passing yards in a brilliant performance. The defense of the Los Angeles Rams was able to post 5 sacks in the game.

The win for the Los Angeles Rams was not an unscathed one as their wide receiver Brandin Cooks suffered from another concussion of the season. The earlier one had him missing the start of the season due to the recurring health issues over the years. He suffered a critical hit in the first half after which he entered a concussion protocol.

Cincinnati Bengals will now have a bye week and after that, they will host their AFC North opponents the Baltimore Ravens. Following that, they will be on a road trip for a game against the Oakland Raiders

As for the Los Angeles Rams, who are currently 5-3 on the season, they will also have a bye week before being on a road trip for a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Following that, they will, come back home for a game against the Chicago Bears.

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