Malik McDowell, the Ex-Seahawks NFL player got shocked with a taser and fought with police officer

Footage of the former defensive lineman of the Michigan State Football team named Malik McDowell has surfaced over the internet which shows the scuffle of Malik McDowell with the police at the Lathrup Village at a local gas station. Malik McDowell continued to fight with the police officer even after he got shocked with a taser during his February arrest.

Media sources have gotten hold of the dashcam as well as the security video footage that presents the details of the whole encounter. Following his arrest, Malik McDowell was charged with counts of drunken driving as well as an assault on a police officer and driving a vehicle on a suspended license. The video was first obtained by TMZ.

In the video, it can be seen that Malik McDowell is having a dispute with the officer for pulling over at this gas station and was also seen not showing his license after many demands from the officer on scene. McDowell then entered inside the gas station with the officer following his behind.

The surveillance footage then shows McDowell continuously asking the police officer to call his supervisor and the officer threatening to shock McDowell with a taser.

Officer, as he points the taser at McDowell, can be heard yelling, “You are going to get tased.” He says this as he pushes McDowell on to the ground and telling him to lie on his stomach.

As officer finally tases McDowell, he can be seen jumping up and wrestling with the officer while asking him again for his supervisor. Shortly after, another officer arrives at the gas station and helps to pin down McDowell.

According to the police report, the manager of the gas station reported heavy damages that could be at least 1500 dollars.

McDowell has also been the 7th round pick up of the 2017 draft by NFL team Seattle Seahawks but was released by the team last year after he suffered serious injuries during an ATV accident and failed to make it to his rookie season.

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