Michael Lorenzen of Cincinnati Reds achieves a feat that has only been done by Babe Ruth

There have only been two players in the entire Major league Baseball history to have scored a home run, play in the center field and then also earn the win for the team as the pitcher in that very same game.  The first one was the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth, who achieved this milestone back on 13th June 1921.

Now nearly 98 years later, another man named Michael Lorenzen has made his name in the same regard after Ruth set the standard for the two-way player.

Lorenzen was able to hit his first home run of the 2019 season on Wednesday’s game of Reds VS Phillies on a pitch from Phillies’ Blake Parker during the 8th inning. His two-run hit allowed for the Reds to seal their victory at the Great American Ball Park by 8-5.

Lorenzen said, “It is a fun stat. I will know have to ask and see as to what kind of contract would Babe Ruth have gotten in today’s game and I will take it to the Reds.”

Lorenzen was able to hit a pitch of 87 mph speed and watch it fly on the seats of left field marking his 7th home turn of the career.

Lorenzen said, “I really wanted to make it sure that I got one home run this year. I feel like a great pressure has been taken off my shoulders.”

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