Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference involuntarily removes a Division III school from conference

Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference which is Division III Athletic conference just removed one of its founding members out of their conference on Wednesday and the reason is quite bizarre; the school had been dominant in many sports for far too long.

The school that was ousted out of the MIAC involuntarily is the University of St. Thomas located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The school will now have to look for another home for their teams in 2021 after they were involuntarily removed from the conferences.

The official reason for the school to be removed from the conference was given by the MIAC’s President is as follows,

“St. Thomas expended tremendous effort to remain in the MIAC and stabilize the conference. However, the presidents came to a consensus that the conference itself would cease to exist in its current form if St. Thomas remained.”

St. Thomas being a founding member of the MIAC has been a part of the conference since 1920 but since over a decade, it has blossomed into one the most domineering schools in all-sports.

The school’s team called Tommies has won the All-Sports Trophy of the conference in both men and women teams for nearly 12 years straight which is an unparalleled dominance in the conference. As for the winning gap between Tommies and other teams of the conference, it is even larger.

In the past 2 years, St. Thomas’ football team is 14-2 against other football teams with a huge 49-points margin win.

As for St. Thomas’s reply on the recent involuntarily removal, they said to media that they are going to being a process where they will explore their chances in other conferences.

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