Mitchell and Gobert help Utah Jazz beat Indiana Pacers for a 118-88 victory

When the players of Utah jazz find their rhythm around the basket in a game, then there is only little that any team in the league can do to stop them from winning by dominating on both ends of the court.

This was certainly the case during the Utah jazz VS Indian Pacers game which ended with 118-88 win for the Jazz. For most of the first 48 minutes of the game, Utah jazz led the game with their attacking form and relentless energy. They crashed on the boards and did not trail even once in the game and never were in danger of a serious threat.

Utah Jazz also limited their opponents to only having 7 attempts for free throws and the Pacers only managed to make 3 of them.

Rudy Gobert, the center for Jazz said, “That was what we really wanted to do tonight.  Don’t give them a chance for nay free throws. Do not give them anything near the rim and do not give them any of the rims. I think we did a splendid job of having those three.”

Donavon Mitchell led the Utah Jazz with his 25 points while Rudy Gobert added in his 20 points along with 14 rebounds while Bojan Bogdanovic scored 16 points and Mike Conley scoring 14 points coming off the bench.

From the Indiana Pacers’ side, Aaron Holiday and Myles Turner were top scorers as both of them scored 12 points each. Turner also had his career-high of 6 steals. Turner said, “We could not convert tonight. You force a team to have 20 turnovers, you then got to find a way to convert, someway or somehow and this is what hurt us tonight.”

Up next, Indian Pacers will have a game against the Phoenix Suns while Utah Jazz will be playing against the Golden State Warriors.

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