Napoli gains 2-2 draw against Atalanta while Juventus tops Genoa by 2-1

On the Wednesday night game of Serie A between Atalanta and Napoli, Atalanta made a late rally against their opponents to draw 2-2 finish. This was a spectacular end result between the two teams of the Serie A that have the almost identical attacking mindset.

Atalanta with this draw still holds their 3rd place in the Serie a ranking but they have now slipped a total of 5 points below the top-ranking team of Serie A; Juventus. Juventus is in 1 point lead to Inter Milan in Serie A at the moment following the penalty turned goal by Cristiano Ronaldo in the team’s match against Genoa. This led to Juventus 2-1 win on Wednesday night.

Two goals for Napoli were scored by Arkadiusz Milik and Nikola Maksimovic. Whereas four minutes later of the last goal by Napoli, Josip Ilicic of Atalanta scored the equalizing goal. At the moment when Josip Ilicic made the goal for the team, coach of Napoli and his assistant started screaming as they felt there had to be a penalty moment earlier because their player Fernando Llorente got hit by an elbow of Atalanta’s Simon Kjær.

Ancelotti, the coach of Napoli said, “For the first time in this tournament, I don’t want to talk tonight. I feel really offended as a professional and I am really disappointed. The defender does not seem to look at the ball and he goes straight for our player to stop him from making the jump. This was a clear penalty moment and they made a really grave mistake. As far as I am concerned, there is no need to see the VAR but it was ridiculous that referees did not opt to go for the instant replay. I don’t want to say anything more because neither I nor my club was shown respect tonight.”

Napoli is still 3 points behind Atalanta but now there ranking ahs dropped to 6th pace in Serie A.

As for Ronaldo of Juventus, he got a second chance to score the game-winning goal following his first goal disallowed due to being offside. He received the second penalty shot after he was tripped by Genoa’s Antonio Sanabria and then scored a goal from the bottom left side of the net.

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