Nasir Jamshaid, Pakistan cricketer is jailed amidst the spot-fixing conspiracy

Nasir Jamshaid, the Pakistani international cricketer was jailed on last Friday for a sentence of 17 months after he admitted to him conspiring for bribing his fellow cricketers to spot fix at one of the Twenty20 match that was held back in February of 2017 in Dubai.

Nasir Jamshaid made the debut for his country at the U18 Level back in 2006 and had his first-class debut in that very year and his full international debut was paying against Zimbabwe 2 years after that.

Since his international debut, Nasir Jamshaid has represented his country for more than 60 times which mainly includes participation in Twenty20 and One-Day Internationals.

Nasir’s barrister named James Pickup QC told the Manchester Crown Court, “He had a stellar rise but the fall for his grace has also been equally dramatic and for that, there is only one person who is to be blamed and that is Nasir Jamshaid himself.”

When he was arrested, he was living in the UK with his wife, a doctor in Stourbridge and also had a spouse visa.

Nasir Jamshaid who lives at High Street, Walsall, also met briefly with a 36 years old fixer named Youssef Anwar during the 2011’s Champions Trophy held in England. However, Nasir did not have any contact with Anwar until 2016 when he was playing in the Bangladesh Premier League.

Mr. Pickup said that Nasir was approached to score no runs for the first 2 balls of an over and a few months later, he also succumbed in his foolishness to help arrange another player for carrying out a similar spot-fix in the PSL (Pakistan Super League).

Mr. Pickup said that prior to this Nasir Jamshaid does not have any convictions and at the time he was under financial pressure and was in need of 1000 pounds to send back to Pakistan for the medical care costs of his father who was in a coma following a road accident.

He also did not have any financial gain from the shared share of 30000 pounds fee. Mr. Pickup said, “What he hopes is that by giving assistance to the Pakistan Cricket Board and the International Cricket Council and by involving himself with their ongoing educational programmes he can perhaps persuade the Pakistan Cricket Board in future to look again at the 10-year ban.”

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