Nate Diaz beats Anthony Pettis by unanimous decision in his return at the UFC 241

In the much-anticipated fight between Nate Diaz and the ex-champ of UFC Anthony Pettis was the one where Diaz was the heavily favored fighter. 

Despite his opponent’s aggressive approach in the fight, Pettis was able to stand in the ring until the final bell. However, Diaz’s offensive approach still left Pettis unable to make considerable differed on the scorecards.

The welterweight fight between the two fights was the highlight of the UFC 241 event that was held at the Honda Center located in Anaheim, California.

The final score in favor of Nate Diaz’s victory were 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 who was fighting for the very first time since he lost the fight against Connor McGregor back in 2016 by decision.

Diaz said after the fight to the fans, “This is Nick Diaz’s army”.

In his fight against Pettis, whose MMA record is 22-8 and UFC is 9-7, Diaz was on the front foot as he kept mounting pressure on his opponent. Diaz pushed from the get-go and then hoped to wear his opponent down the line.

Diaz managed to accumulate points with his ground and pound moves and takedowns. As for when Pettis tried to run away; Diaz took at him from his back and closed the round with back in control.

2nd round saw Diaz going in for a takedown but Pettis was on his defensive and counter approach. Diaz was hit with a hard left that left his left eye hurt. Pettis then tried a Kimura hold to take top position on Diaz but when he came back to his feet, he was welcomed by feet followed by a knee to his head.

Diaz turned the heat of the fight by landing elbow shots and Pettis was forced to trade only short blows.

The third round saw Pettis doing an impressive reversal on Diaz’s chokehold and get back in control. However, Diaz was again able to put Pettis in a submission. In an amazing turn of events, Pettis again managed to reverse the positions and survived until the final round bell was sounded.

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