NFL linebacker Darius Leonard and the story behind his Good Samaritan tire change

Lately, a video has gone viral where the NFL team Indianapolis Colts’ linebacker Darius Leonard could be seen helping a stranger down the road. He was changing the tire of the distressed woman on the Easter Sunday morning.

Many were confused as to why Darius Leonard was helping. Well, the story has been unraveled by the woman who was helped by Darius. That woman stranded on the side of the road was no stranger to him. She was his high school biology teacher named Ms. Isbell, who was all dressed up for church.

Apparently, Ms. Isbell car tire had blown and she had no way of changing it, so Darius spotting her at the side of the road in his hometown of Lake View, South Carolina decided to help her.

Leonard grabbed hold of a tire jack and started changing the wheel.

Ms. Isbell wrote on her social media account, “I was so glad to see him because I knew that I was safe with him there.”

Ms. Isbell recorded the video of Darius changing her car tire and then she posted it on Twitter. The video has been viewed for now more 500000 times. She wrote on her Facebook account, “Tire blew but God had a ‘Colt’ in the bush. Thank you so much, Darius Leonard, for your acts of kindness towards me. It could have gone another way, and I thank you Almighty God for holding back death on my behalf. To God be the glory.”

Talking to media, Ms. Isbell, while recalling Darius’s high school days said, “He has done a lot growing up. Darius was fond of himself at that time so I was a little tough on him. He was the student that was the clown of the class. He had some friends that wanted to make biology fun and we had our differences.”

Ms. Isbell is also the Girl’s junior varsity basketball coach and varsity assistant at the Lake View High School.

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