NHL Playoffs Game 1; Joe Pavelski, the Sharks captain scores a goal with his chin in their game against Golden Knights

In their hopes to win the playoffs of the Stanley Cup, NHL player will do anything for the sake of scoring goals. Following this rule, the Sharks captain Joe Pavelski was also on board to score a goal on Wednesday night even if that goal was made in a painful manner.

The captain of the San Jose Sharks, Joe Pavelski opened up the path for his team to score a goal in their match against the Golden Knights for playoffs first game. However, the puck shot by his teammate flew past him and deflected off of his face and moved into the net past the Knights’ goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. According to t sports media, the goal only cost him a few of his teeth.

Pavelski later said to media, “I feel absolutely alright and now enough with the dental questions.”

This shot came from Brent Burns, the Sharks’ defenseman during the power play of the first period. Pavelski during that moment was standing near the front of the opposing team’s net. However, the 34 years old Pavelski did not saw the shot by Burns until it was too late for him to move away. The puck struck him right in the face before it moved into the net.

Pavelski after taking the hit in the face appealed to be in a lot of pain as he moved to the locker room for the later of the first period. However, once treated he came back in the second period while wearing a shield on his full face.

The first period of the game was closed with 1 more goal. As for the second period, Pavelski teammates scored 3 more goals to end the game with 5-2. With this win, Sharks have won their Game 1 of the playoffs.

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