NXTGEN: Richard Riakporhe wins over Jack Massey in a hard fought fight to claim the crown of British cruiserweight

The fight of the British cruiserweight belt held between Richard Riakporhe and Jack Massey needed in a win for Riakporhe. Still, this fight was no easy task for the winner Richard Riakporhe as he had to dig deep to earn the crown.

Richard Riakporhe was able to win the fight held at the York hall between two previously undefeated fighters to come on top with scores of 115-113, 115-113 and 117-111.

Richard Riakporhe said to the media, “It’s a great feeling as I had to grind in there.  Respect to Jack Massey, he is a tough fighter. I gave him some powerful shots that would have put away many cruiserweight fighters.”

Richard Riakporhe started the fight probing before landing a big right in 2nd round. Still, Massey took it well and then responded with a few hits of his own.

Riakporhe tested the chin of I rival in 3rd as he s net Massey staggering backward before he was saved by the bell.

Massey got the time to recover and come to the 4th round and be trouble for Richard Riakporhe as he landed body shots before both fighters got scrappy in the 5th round.

The fight became anew in the 8th round following previous close rounds as Richard Riakporhe landed a massive right to wobble his opponent for the 2nd time in the fight but was still unable to knock him out.

Massey fought back in the 9th to back up Riakporhe with his jab while his nose was all bloodied but then Riakporhe knocked his opponent down for the first time in the 10th round as Massey’s knees touched the canvas briefly.

Riakporhe was given a warning in the penultimate round as blood was pouring from his nose and he went into the 12t round looking for an explosive finish. His wishes were thwarted by Massey’s firmness and the result was left to the ringside judges. Still, the end result came out in favor of Richard Riakporhe.

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