NXTGEN: Shannon Courtenay ends her debut year with an explosive win

The NXTGEN fight between Shannon Courtney and Buchra El Quaissi ended with a dominant victory for Courtney. With this win, Shannon Country ends her debut year with a 5th win.

Shannon Courtenay was able to drop her super bantamweight opponent 2 times in the fight while the 2nd time was the final time during the 5th round. With this 2nd drop, Shannon Courtenay was able to secure her victory via Knockout which was her career’s second KO victory. The fight was held on the undercard of the Richard Riakporhe VS Jack Massey fight held at the York Hall.

El Quaissi started the fight while swinging both her hands wildly and forced Shannon Courtenay for a short while on the defensive as she covered herself and looked for counter shots.

Shannon Courtenay was then able to find success in the 2nd round as she made sue of her quick feet to land some accurate punches.

A left hook from Shannon Courtenay left El Quaissi rocked and then a punch left her opponent crashing to the canvas.

Still, El Quaissi made it back on her feet but Shannon Courtenay delivered some more beating in the 5th before landing a hook shot that dropped El Quaissi for the 2nd time and the referee to call the fight off.

As for another fight on the same night between Donte Dixon and Vladislavs Davidatis, it ended with the 2nd round win for Dixon which marks his 2nd win of the pro ranks.

The Billy Joe Saunders trained fighter dominated the fight from the early round as he made shots while being in the center of the ring. He finished his Latvian opponent with a right hook to his body in the 2nd round.

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