Philadelphia Eagles 23-29 Dallas Cowboys; Amari copper hero for the Cowboys

On the Sunday night game of football between Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys came out winning by a crucial win in the OT by 29-23.

Amari Cooper was the hero for the Cowboys on Sunday night as he made three TDs on the night with last one being for 15 yards thrown by the QB, Dak Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys QB; Dak Prescott completed 42 of his 54 passes for the night for his career high 455 yards. He made up for his two-interception passes by scoring three TD passes to Amari copper on Sunday night. One of them was even a massive 75 yard TD pass in the fourth quarter.  As for Amari Cooper, he caught 10 catches off of 217 yards.

Cowboys with this in are 8-5 on the season and their grip on the division is now even firm than before. They are now two games ahead of the Eagles who are 6-7 on the season.


Eagles 0-3 Cowboys: Brett Maher made a 28-yard field goal.


Eagles 0-6 Cowboys: Maher made a 62-yard field goal.


Eagles 0-9 Cowboys: Maher made a 21-yard field goal.

Eagles 6-9 Cowboys: Carson Wentz made a two-yard touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery.


Eagles 9-9 Cowboys: Jake Elliott made a 26-yard field goal.

Eagles 9-16 Cowboys: Dak Prescott made a 28-yard touchdown pass to Amari Cooper.

Eagles 16-16 Cowboys: Wentz made a three-yard touchdown pass to Dallas Goedert.

Eagles 16-23 Cowboys: Prescott made a 75-yard touchdown pass to Cooper.

Eagles 23-23 Cowboys: Wentz made a six-yard touchdown pass to Darren Sproles.


Eagles 23-29 Cowboys: Prescott made a 15-yard touchdown pass to Cooper.

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