Portland Trail Blazers hand New York Knicks their 10th straight loss with 115-87 win

In the wake of the easy win, the Portland Trail Blazers agreed that they ended a dominant win to raise their own morale.

Damian Lillard took the lead of the Portland Trail Blazers with his 31 points, which includes his 8 3-pointers as the team handed New York Knicks their 10th consecutive defeat by 115-87.

Lillard said after the game, “Anytime you have that type of win and the way we had achieved it, you need to feel good about it, especially in a game that we feel that we had already won.”

Hassan Whiteside also helped the Portland Trail Blazers with his 17 points as well 15 rebounds as the team ended their 2-game losing streak.  Portland led for the most part of the game by at least 32 points.

Terry Stotts, the coach of Trail Blazers said, “These kinds of games feel very good.”

As for the New York Knicks, their top scorer was Julius Randal with his 15 points. For the last few games, the Knicks have only won 4 games so far which is really too few in the NBA, they have only 1 road win.

The main reason for this disarrayed Knicks squad can be the season that their coach David Fizdale got fired last Friday shortly after they opened their 4-game road trip. The interim coach now is Mike Miller and the very first game under his coaching was lost a home against the Indiana pacers by 104-103.

Knicks faced Carmelo Anthony who had played for the Knicks back from the year 20011 to 2017.  He was picked up by the Portland Trail Blazers on 17th November after being sidelined from the team due to his injury. This time, the 10-time ALL-Star was able to sit well with the Trail Blazers as he scored 16 points along with 6 rebounds.

Up next, the Knicks will travel to have a game against the Golden State Warriors. As for the Portland Trail Blazers, they will have their first of the 2 road games against Denver Nuggets.

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