Rajai Davis called by Mets but arrives late via Uber, lost in the stadium but then hits a homer

Wednesday was quite a  day for Rajai Davis which started with him playing in one of the minor leagues but then getting called at the New York Mets VS Washington nationals game held at Citi field which the Mets won by 6-1.

Davis was just playing for Syracuse Mets in Pennsylvania when he got a call that he was being called out for the majors.

From there, he took a two hour long Uber drive straight to Citi Field that allowed him to participate in the 3rd inning of the game.

Still, after reaching the stadium after 2 hours, he got lost in the stadium as he was trying to find the clubhouse.

Shortly after finding the clubhouse and putting on the dress to take the pinch hitter, he was able to strike a 3-run home run.

Below are some of the details of Rajai Davis’s day by him.

And now here is his 3-run homer.

Talk about your busy big day.

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