Serena Williams fined for damaging the Wimbledon court, Fabio Fognini and Nick Kyrgios also fined

Serena Williams had been fined by the All England Club for a sum of 10000 dollars for causing damage to a court of Wimbledon.

23 times grand slam champion Serena was fined for an incident that occurred last weekend before the tournament was started.

According to the officials, Serena had thrown her racket during the pre-tournament practice sessions that caused damage to the grass match court.

Other players have also suffered fines but not for damage to property but for their unsportsmanlike behaviors and their sudden outbursts after the defeat. One such case is of Fabio Fognini who has been fined for a sum of 3000 dollars for his sudden outburst following his defeat in the third round.

The world rank no. 10 Fognini was annoyed for his match being moved to Court 14. After his opponent took a medical timeout, he ranted in Italian saying the following words, “It’s fair to play here? Damn English, really. Damned, really. Wish a bomb would explode on this club. A bomb should explode here.”

The rudest male player in tennis now is perhaps Nick Kyrgios who has been given not one but 2 fines for his unsportsmanlike conduct during his 1st and 2 round match. One fine is for 3000 dollars while the other one is for 5000 dollars.

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