Tevin Farmer wins over Jono Carroll by unanimous decision

Jono Caroll has failed the chance to win his bid to win the world title during his first US debut fight. He lost the fight against the IBF super featherweight fighter Tevin Farmer by unanimous decision on Friday night. The fight was held in Philadelphia.

Carroll tired to take the control of the fight from the opening bell but he was nothing much to the superior skills of the boxing Champion Farmer, who successfully got a victory over Carroll by 117-111, 117,111 and 117-110 in what was Farmer’s third defense fight.

The American defender started the opening round by landing some hard body shot and by the second round, the Irish challenger already had a bad cut over his left eye.

Carroll still tired to force the fight going into the third round and did indeed find some success. But Framer with his elegant footwork evaded everything and then landed in some head shots. He finished the round with some nice hooks.

The fourth round was mostly about Farmer talking control of the fight as he landed in some combinations while evading any dangerous hit from his opponent.

The Dublin fighter’s mouth guard was knocked out of his mouth in the fifth round after an uppercut hit him as well as his body suffering a severe beating of body shots.

Going into the seventh round, Farmer already had a lead on the scorecards but Carroll was refusing to go down making the fight more thrilling.

Carroll pushed Farmer on the ropes in the ninth round as he dominated Farmer for the very first time in the fight.

Still, farmer reeled back from this first beat down and landed in some serious punches on Carroll’s face to once again open up his cut. The last round saw Farmer finishing the round with a huge right punch in the final seconds.

Carroll still survived the 11th round’s beating and fought until the last bell rang.

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