The OT goal of San Jose Sharks was counted despite the illegal hand pass in their 5-4 victory over the Blues

On the Wednesday night NHL game of playoff season between the San Jose Sharks VS the St. Louis Blues, Sharks scored a goal during the OT which led to their victory and to lead Western Conference finals by 2-1.

However, there was a little controversy surrounding the goal as it was scored through an illegal hand pass. As for NHL, they were not able to do anything about it.

Erik Karlsson, the defenseman of Sharks score the controversial goal in the OT at the time mark of 5:23 after he took a pass from his teammate Gustav Nyquist which led their victory over the Blues by 5-4.

As for the problem with this goal, it was right before it happened.

Timo Meier of the Sharks was on his knees and he batted the puck from the air on to the ice and before any of the Blues’s player could touch it, it went straight to Gustav Nyquist. Since the puck was touched by a Shark player next under the rule of NHL, this play should have not been allowed.

NHL Rule 79 about such play states,

“A player shall be permitted to stop or ‘bat’ a puck in the air with his open hand, or push it along the ice with his hand, and the play shall not be stopped unless, in the opinion of the on-ice officials, he has directed the puck to a teammate or has allowed his team to gain an advantage, and subsequently possession and control of the puck is obtained by a player of the offending team, either directly or deflected off any player or official.”

However, the big problem and mishap for the Blues were that in order for the play to be called off, the on-ice referees need to see the play and on the night, they did not saw it which led to the play being unreviewed.

With this win, Sharks are leading the Western Conference finals by 2-1 with the Game 4 being played on Friday in St. Louis.

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