Tommy McCarthy beats Fabio Turchi to win the WBC international cruiserweight belt

In the boxing bout between Tommy McCarthy and Fabio Turchi, it was McCarthy who came out winning with the biggest title win of his entire boxing career. The fight which was held in Northern Italy saw McCarty taking the WBC International Cruiserweight title belt with a split points decision.

Turchi, the home favorite was able to keep McCarty on his feet for the opening round and built up pressure until the second round but was still caught by a short right.

The 4th saw McCarthy going in with his hands on his sides as he adjusted his stance for the Italian Southpaw.

The fifth round was a scrappy performance from both fighters with Turchi receiving a tick off from the referee and then both fighters traded in equal blows for the76th round before having their heads clashed accidentally during the 7th.  The clash resulted in a cut to open on McCarthy’s cheekbone.

The Belfast boxer’s confidence increased in the 8th round as the Italian boxer started to show signs of fatigue and by the time it was 9th, the score showed that this was a tightly knit match between the two.

Turchi was having trouble to see from his left eye which had swollen up massively in the 10th that prompted the referee to call the ringside doctor for an opinion.

Turchi aka the Stone Crusher came to the 11th round in hopes of knocking out his opponent but McCarthy was able to withstand that last burst of energy from his opponent.

In the final round, both fighters were exhausted bit traded shots equally and following an anxious wait from the audience, the judges scored the fight 116-112, 115-113 and 112-116 in favor of McCarthy.

In other matches of the night, Matteo Signani was able to victory against Gevorg Khatchikian to fill the vacant spot of the EBU European middleweight champion at age of 4 years old.

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