UFC 232 Nunes VS Cyborg; Amanda Nunes KOs Cris Cyborg and becomes the first woman to win UFC titles in two divisions

Amanda Nunes broke the previously unbroken reign of Cris Cyborg and made herself a cemented place in the History of MMA.


Nunes with career stats of 17-4 in MMA and 10-1 in UFC became the first woman to have won the two titles in the two divisions after he knocked out her opponent Cris Cyborg on Saturday night bout in the first round.

The fight was one of the co-main events for the Saturday night which ended at only 0:51 mark o the first round after Nunes unleashed a flurry of brutal punches onto her opponent’s body. Nunes opened with a right hand that sent Cyborg face first onto the canvas. After that, she took punch after punch while pinned against the Octagon fence.

Nunes talking after post fight said, “When I signed the contract, I said that it’s going down. I am going to e the first two division champ in the UFC. I told you I am the greatest”.

The ecstatic Nunes after winning went straight towards the UFC president Dana White who put two belts on Nunes.

Nunes added to her talk with media, “Now Dana, I want to be in the Hall of Fame”.

The fight was a brilliant end to a decade-long dominance of Cyborg in the UFC but Cyborg still started as expected when she landed a right hand to stagger Nunes. Cyborg came over to Nunes with a flurry of punches. However, the right hand from Nunes put a stop to her barrage of punches and then it was Nunes turn to unleash her flurry of punches. She managed to land more shots on to Cyborg than Cyborg did on her.

With one final strong shot, Cyborg went down for good. This was Cyborg’s first knockout since she made her first professional debut back in 2005.

With this win, Nunes has now won, eight straight octagon fights and added yet another name on her knockout champ list which also includes names like Ronda Rousey, Valentina Shevchenko, and Miesha Tate.

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