UFC 239; Jon Jones wins by split decision to have his UFC record-tying 13th title fight victory

A troubled knee was all it took to keep the fans away from seeing the biggest upsets for the UFC history at UFC 239.

During the fight between Thiago Santos and Jon Jones, Thiago Santos failed to come up on the scorecard of except on one of the judges as he failed to hand Jon Jones, the UFC Lightweight champion, the first real defeat of his career.

Santos, with a career record of 21-6 MMA and 13-5 UFC kept on barraging Jon Jones, who has a career record of 24-1 MMA and 18-1 UFC, with legs kicks.

Unfortunately, while he did some really good damage to Jones, he also blew out his own knee. Still bearing through the pain, Santos hung on till the end of the fight only to lose by split decision.

The score of the judges for the fight held at the T-Mobile Arena located in Las Vegas was 48-47 with 2 of them going in favor of Jon Jones.

Jones said of Santos in his post-fight interview, “oh my God, boy, was he a tough fighter. Thiago, we all know that the best chance for him to win this fight was by a knockout but I played it smart and I brought gold home for me and my family.”

Santos took the reign of the fight early on with his blistering kicks ads he forced Jones to change his stances. The first round was clearly a win for Santos by Jones started out in the 2nd round as he mixed his strikes but was never able to put the same effort as for the old Jones.

The third saw Jones having a welt on his left thigh but he too answered it with a kick. Santos enraged replied back with some more kicks with Jones also replying back in kicks., Jones manage dot put a  cut on the hairline of Santos with an elbow strike.

The 4th round saw both fighters having their strikes slowed down by much but still replied back to each other equally. Santos seemed to be in urgency during the 5th round but ones had his defense fight to retain his lightweight crown.

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