UFC 239; Jorge Masvidal defeats Ben Askren in what was the fastest KO in the UFC history

The grudge match that was held at the UFC 239 between the fighter Jorge Masvidal and his opponent Ben Askren ended in what was the fastest Knockout in the entire history of UFC.

Jorge Masvidal, the veteran fighter of UFC landed a hellish flying knee right at the start of the fight on the forehead of Ben Askren to knock him out cold in a fight held as the main card at the T-Mobile Arena.

The official stoppage time of the fight for the opening round was at 0:05 mark. This new time broke the previous record set for the fight between David Ludwig and Jonathan Goulet which Ludwig won in 0:06 back in 2006.

Masvidal said after the fight, “I really wanted to beat his ass down for 14 minutes and 30 seconds of the whole fight but it did not happen. So back to business I guess.”

Masvidal whose career record is 34-13 MMA and 11-6 UFC came at his opponent at and odd angle and charged Askren who career record is 19-1 MMA and 1-1 UFC. Askren tried to duck the knee but failed to do.

In reality, the knee struck Askren’s ear as he fell on the mat stiff. After Askren was down, Masvidal landed two more punches on his face before he was interrupted by the referee who waved off the fight.

As the doctor rushed in to take care of the unconscious Askren, Masvidal taunted at his foe as he said, “That dude was talking wild and I had to show him that there are consequences for these sorts of things.”

As for Masvidal, this was one of the greatest victories in his career who after making his presence for a long time is now headed to the top. He has now won two fights in a row and both of them by Kos. He has now 5 of shi last 7 fights.

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