Vladimir Sobotka knocked out by a late hit from Nikita Kucherov’s late into the Lightning-Sabres game held in Sweden

Buffalo Sabers are now going to be one player short in their rematch against the Tamp Bay Lightning following Vladimir Sobotka from Nikita late into their Friday’s game with a deadly hit.

Vladimir Sobotka had just fired a shot during the first period in the zone of Lightning in their 3-2 win during a match in Sweden. Nikita, the MVP for the last NHL season went down a little low to deliver him with a hip hit that caused Vladimir Sobotka to flip over and then hit the ice.

Vladimir Sobotka had to be helped in order to get off the ice and he never returned to the play. He was then spotted while wearing a boot that was covering his right leg above the knee.

Sabres coach said of Vladimir Sobotka that he had been ruled out of the team’s next game and his status will be examined on Monday.

Nikita, who had scored the opening goal for the Lightning, is leading the league with his 128 goals from last NHL season and is also the winner of the Hart Trophy along with the Ted Lindsay Award.

Coach of Sabres started to yell out at referees for their lack of making a foul call saying, “you have got 8 eyes on the ice.”

Still, the coach chose his words rather carefully after the game, saying, “It is something that I cannot control and the decisions are currently being made. They did not commit it one way or another. Obviously, if they are not made a call, it means that it was a clear hit. We need to move on, despite we like this or not. Everybody can look at the foul video and make the decision if it was a foul or not.”

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