Whyte vs. Rivas; Dillian Whyte survives the knockdown scare to win over Oscar Rivas

In the heavyweight fight between Dillian Whyte and Oscar Rivas, Whyte was able to make a comeback from his knockdown to overcome against Rivas to keep hi hopes for the world heavyweight championship alive.

Whyte was able to make a comeback in the desperate 9th round but other than that he was in total control of the fight that was held on Saturday night in London at O2.

With him winning this fight, he has become the interim WBC champion as well as the mandatory challenger to the title of Deontay Wilder. According to WBC, this opportunity for Whyte VS Wilder might perhaps come in many of 2020. However, Wilder still has to win his rematch against Tyson Fury and Luis Ortiz.

This fight in which Whyte outgunned Rivas, was his 10th win in a row that allows him to be a step closer to the world title.

After climbing on the floor before he was knocked down by Rivas, Whyte was able to overcome the same level of upset that Joshua had to suffer in his fight against Andy Ruiz Jr.

Rivas took control of the opening round with his heavy shots to quite down the whole arena. One right of his flew too close to his opponent’s head.

The 2nd saw Whyte trying to overcome the deficit of the first round where he almost was able to finish off Rivas. This was a clubbing right-hand punch that sent the Colombian fighter staggering on wobbly feet around the boxing ring. Whyte, sensing an early KO victory chance went in but Rivas survived.

Whyte kept Rivas on the bay with his jabs for the next few rounds with both boxers trying to feel each other’s power.

Rivas not being able to move into his opponent’ jabs, was scolded by his trainer after the 6th.

8th round was the best for Rivas when he worked on Whyte’s body but it was Londoner who still threw in an uppercut.

When Whyte seemed comfortable about his victory, it was when he was knocked down.

The 9th saw Rivas landing a huge uppercut that sent Whyte crashing on canvas, which is the 3rd time during his professional career. He had previously only been knocked down by AJ and Joseph parker.

By the 10th round, both fighters were tired but kept on whipping punches at each other with Whyte having the final say of the fight with his right-hand punch.

This was followed by a jab and then with a combination that kept Rivas to be at bay for the last 2 rounds. The fight ended and Whyte was able to win on pints decision of judges, two of which scored 115-112 and one scored 116-111.

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