Zimbabwe suspended by ICC due to concerns of the government interference

ICC, the cricket governing body has announced the suspension of Zimbabwe from all forms of cricket due to the concerns of the government interference in their running games.

With the news of the suspension announced, Zimbabwe has been actively barred from participating in all of the ICC events after Zimbabwe also failed to provide a process for free and democratic elections and also did not ensured ICC about no future Government Interference in country’s cricket administration.

The country was scheduled to play in the World T20 qualifiers for men’s that are going to be held in autumn and women’s which will be held in August. However, with the suspension, their participation is now in doubt.

A state met from ICC on this decision states as follows,

“We do not take the decision to suspend a Member lightly, but we must keep our sport free from political interference. What has happened in Zimbabwe is a serious breach of the ICC Constitution and we cannot allow it to continue unchecked. The ICC wants cricket to continue in Zimbabwe in accordance with the ICC Constitution. The ICC has directed that the elected Zimbabwe Cricket Board be reinstated to the office within three months, and progress in this respect will be considered again at the October Board meeting.”

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