CJ McCollum leads as Blazers beat Nuggets by 100-96 in Game 7

Damian Lillard struggled on the night as all his shots banged up on the backboard and all the way around except going through the hoop.

And now Portland Trail Blazers are finally on their way to the Western Conference Finals with CJ McCollum leading home.

McCollum led the Trail Blazers with his 37 points to win over the Denver Nuggets by 100-96 in the Game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals on Sunday night.

This is the first time that Portland has managed to reach the Conference finals for the first time since 2000.

With the best of 7 series concluded, Portland Trail Blazers will now play against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night for the opening game of the Conference finals. The series will see the brotherly rivalry as the Portland’s Seth Curry will be playing against the Warriors Stephen Curry.

Lillard scored 13 points for the team and was able to make 13 of his 17 shots. Tow of these shots were the 3 main 3-pointers during the 4th quarter that placed Trail Blazers ahead by 81-76 once and 92-85 the second time.

Terry Stotts, Blazers coach said, “its luxury for a team to have two different guys who can make shots by finding different ways. CJ does it in one way while Dame does it another way. On the night when Dame was struggling to make shots, CJ came up big for the team.”

For Denver Nuggets, this was a devastating end to their playoffs run who were able to end their NBA playoff draught after 6 years and also managed to earn the 2nd seed spot in the Western Conference playoffs.

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