Elizabeth Scott, member of the Louisville Ladybirds’ dance team suffers from broken nose over National TV

Earlier on Monday night, the dancer of the Louisville Ladybirds’ dance team Elizabeth Scott was standing on the sidelines in a game held at the Cardinal Stadium. It was then that the QB of the Norte Dame felt that the pressure from the Louisville was coming and he threw the ball away.

Although Scott was in the direction of the play, she said that her eye was on the game clock and she was actually watching the game on the big screen. As she was watching the big screen, she heard her teammates and other people standing around her screaming.

Scott told media, “They were like, watch out! Watch out! Watch out! So I turn because when people say to you to watch out, you naturally turn in the direction about which the people are yelling. So I turned to look at what was happening and as soon as I turned my head, the ball hit me right in the face. I did not even saw the ball.”

Hit with the ball, Elizabeth dropped her pom-poms to turn away while grabbing hold of her nose. She said that when she held her nose, she could feel it to be crooked and began to cry due to being scared.


She met with the trainers at the stadium and at that time experienced only some bleeding. Her dad was also sitting at the game and he took her to the ER. Once there, they realized what that throw away from Brook did to her nose; it was broken. While she needs to see a specialist for her nose, the doctor assured her that she won’t have to live with a crooked nose.

The QB of Norte Dame was feeling terrible as what he did to her and sent Elizabeth a text after they won the game by 35-17.

She said, “I replied to him saying that all is good and that it was not his fault. Like how were you supposed to know that the ball will go directly towards my face? It is not your fault.”

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